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Varicocele ligation (Varicocelectomy)

Varicocele is a complex of abnormal dilated veins in the scrotum that drains from the testis. It occurs commonly among men. Although many men with varicocele can father children, varicocele may cause a progressive decline in sperm quantity and quality with time.

What is a Varicocelectomy or Varicocele ligation?
In varicocele ligation or varicocelectomy, the refluxing venous drainage from the testis is interrupted while maintaining arterial inflow and lymphatic drainage.

When is varicocelectomy necessary?
Varicocele ligation or varicocelectomy may be performed to relieve pain, to improve sperm count and sperm quality, testicular development, and pregnancy rates in couples with male factor infertility associated with varicocele.

The relationship between varicocele and altered spermatogenesis and male infertility is fairly accepted. Varicocele is the only surgically correctable male infertility factor and is probably the most common surgical procedure for infertility in males.

What is varicocelectomy?

A small incision is made at the lower along the route of the spermatic cord. The spermatic cord is isolated. The structures within the spermatic cord are dissected and the dilated varicose veins or varicocele is ligated and divided sparing the arteries, veins and lymphatics.

Varicocelectomy is done under general anesthesia. No overnight hospital stay is necessary.




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