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  • The Prostate Clinic  ( 4 items )

     We provide the full suite of services and treatment for all prostate diseases including prostate cancer, benign prostate enlargement and prostatitis. This includes PSA testing and interpretation and prostate biopsy. Prostate surgery includes Robotic prostate removal and laser surgery for prostate enlargement.


  • The Hematuria Clinic  ( 4 items )

     Hematuria means 'blood in the urine' or bleeding in the urinary system. This may suggest the presence of life-threatening conditions like cancer or stone. We will advise on the necessary tests and treatment.


  • The Stone Clinic  ( 3 items )

     We specialise in the management of stone in the urinary system and their removal using non-invasive shockwave treatment, laser delivered through telescopes without any wounds and key-hole surgery for large or multiple stones.


  • The Fertility Clinic  ( 1 items )

     We treat men with low sperm count or quality and provide sperm retrieval options for those without any sperm in their seminal fluid. This includes varicocelectomy and Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA).


  • The Cancer Clinic  ( 8 items )

     At the Cancer Clinic, we provide specialized service in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers of the Kidney, Bladder, Ureter, Prostate, Testis and Penis.

    Cancer can affect any part of the urinary and male genital system.


  • The Men's Health Clinic  ( 4 items )

     The Men’s Health Clinic is dedicated to medical issues confronting men that are peculiar to men only. These issues includes:

    • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    • Diseases of the Male Genitalia .
    • Infections of the male genitalia
    • Male Aging and Andropause


  • The Kidney Replacement Clinic  ( 4 items )

     The kidneys play a vital role in the regulation of various body components and processes. Among these functions, some of the most critical are the regulation of water, salts and toxic waste products. When the kidneys are damaged from various causes, the commonest being hypertension and DM, it may fail to perform this important function of regulation. The person is then said to have Renal or Kidney Failure. Renal is the medical term for kidney. As these are functions vital for life, medical science have found a way to carry out these functions without the natural kidneys. In some ways, they behave like ‘artificial kidneys’.

    The use of artificial kidneys first began during the Korean War. It was called “dialysis”, from Greek meaning, “to pass across

    Since then, a broader term “Renal Replacement Therapies (RRT)” is increasingly used to describe life-supporting treatments for kidney failure including

    • Hemodialysis
    • Peritoneal dialysis
    • Hemofiltration
    • Kidney transplantation

    These treatments are supportive and do not cure the kidney disease.

    At the Kidney Replacement Clinic, we are actively involved in the various processes involved supporting the patient through Renal Replacement Therapies.

    The services we are able to provide includes:


  • The Urination Disorder Clinic  ( 4 items )

     Disturbances or problems with urination can be inconvenient and sometimes incapacitating. It is common and affects people of all ages. Many different conditions manifest with changes in urination patterns.




New Prostate Cancer Drug gives Hope to patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Researchers from the United Kingdom has unveiled a new drug that can shrink advanced prostate cancer which no longer respond to conventional drug therapy.

Prostate cancer incidence rises in Singapore

Prostate cancer incidence rises in Singapore

Prostate cancer has been the 5th commonest cancer among men in Singapore. This is no longer so.


Early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

Early diagnosis of Prostate Cancer can lead to early and effective treatment with good outcome.


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