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Repair of inguinal hernia (Herniorraphy)

A hernia is a protrusion of internal organs through an abnormal opening. In an inguinal hernia, the abnormal opening is through the body muscle wall at the side of the lower abdomen. This protrusion usually contains fat called omentum, bowel and very rarely, the bladder.



A hernia repair or herniorraphy is a surgical procedure to correct a hernia.

When is a hernia repair or herniorraphy necessary?
Any hernia that is causing pain or discomfort may be considered for hernia repair. A hernia repair may also be a choice by the person. When a hernia is extremely painful and cannot be pushed back into place, this may signals damage of the organs within the hernia sac. Hernia repair then becomes an emergency surgery.

How is Hernia repaired or herniorraphy performed?
Hernia repair is usually done as a day surgery meaning the person will return home the same day. It is done under regional or general anesthesia.

There are many different methods to perform a hernia repair.

Lichtenstein Repair or Herniorraphy
This is the most popular and widely used method to repair inguinal hernias. In this technique, a small surgical incision is made through the skin over the hernia. The content is reduced back into the abdominal cavity. A flat sheet of synthetic mesh patch is placed over the weakened abdominal muscle wall to strengthen the defect. The Lichtenstein Repair or Herniorraphy is "tension-free" compared to using sutures to tighten the muscle wall. Recurrence rates are low.

Laparoscopic Herniorraphy
In laparoscopic herniorraphy, the hernia is repaired from behind the wall of the abdomen. It uses a tiny telescope inserted behind the muscle wall of the abdomen. Long thin instruments are then used to skillfully place a piece of synthetic mesh over the hernia. Laparoscopic herniorraphy is ideal when there are hernias on both sides of the body as the instruments can access both sides of the body through the same openings without the need to make separate openings on both sides. Laparoscopic herniorraphy is done under general anesthesia.


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